Tim S. of Oregon writes "Good River Dog! She has been great to have with the training!  She found horns the first day out til the last day.  Finishing her Oregon season with 29 sheds, 2 dead head bucks and a dead head bull.  Not to mention the other 100 something she retrieved after I saw them from a distance!  Thanks again Shed Soldier Dogs!!

Thomas Hargett owner of Sheds Galore Antler Buying writes " Thanks for the advice on my pup man she is doing great! She found 5 on her first shed hunt at 4 months old and she found one yesterday on my parents property and I thought I picked em all up! It was a stud but it was chewed all to hell!"
Congrats on having a successful antler hunting dog Thomas!

Chris M. writes ''Did you feed this dog some kind of antler finding super food!!!!  This dog is amazing Jessie!!!!  To the point where people are inquiring where I got him and how they can go about getting one!!!!  For 1 he is so good in the house, not 1 accident!  2 he is so good with my girls!!!!  3 he is a machine!!!!  You can see him working and using his nose and working the scent cone!!!  If you hide antlers in the yard the night before and he is just in the yard he piles them up at the front door!!!!!  When I work with him on commands he kills it!!!!!  He is so strong and dominant as he is working!!!

Deb Semko writes, "A special thank you to Jesse of Shed Soldier Dogs you are such a wonderful amazing person willing to help others succeed in training a fellow shed dog and their handler. Your advice, training tools, tips, and techniques you shared are the best out there. I never would of gotten my pup to the point of where she is now for shed hunting without your help.  We started training her at 10 months of age, at the beginning of winter. Even though the snow was deep it gave a great opportunity for some challenging training which pushed her drive & desire to find sheds even more.  Most of the deer in our area dropped sheds late and we were just about done hiking for the season till she darted off into the wind and through the thickets, returning with her first fresh shed and it was game on from then out.  We entered her into her first NASHDA event, 2015 and she succeeded in qualifying for the World Championship Shed Hunt in 2016.  You are true & passionate about your business and especially your dogs, you can see the love & loyalty of your dogs in all your photos and videos you share".