Training shed antler hunting dogs has become increasingly popular in recent years.  With the stiff competition the sport of antler hunting has now days.  The advantage of a highly trained and driven antler hunting dog gives you that extra edge to find that big match set or big single you haven't been able to find.

  Shed Soldier Dogs is training the most successful and driven shed antler hunting dogs available.  We have been training antler hunting dogs since 2003 and antler hunting since 1988.  In that time we have developed a training program that brings out and encourages a dogs retrieve drive, search drive, prey drive, focus and natural scenting ability.  So they will become a successful and intense shed antler hunting dog.

  Antler hunting dogs trained by Shed Soldier Dogs live and breath antler hunting from the day they enter our training program to the day they leave to their new homes.  We are the only shed antler hunting dog trainers in the country who are die hard shed hunters and use the dogs we train for our clients to antler hunt and find us sheds.

 This is something you will not find anywhere else with any other trainers. There is no imitating this, and this is why dogs trained by Shed Soldier Dogs are simply the best antler hunting dogs available!  The pictures and Video on our website is a testament to that.